Duuton® Cotton

Premium cotton fabrics still expertly crafted for outdoor life

DUUTON® cotton textiles represent the finest quality cotton fabrics specially created for outdoor performance and for improved protection against the elements.

All DUUTON® fabrics are made from 100% of the finest cotton and are woven with precision accuracy for a consistently reliable uniform weave, forming a tight barrier against a diverse range of climatic conditions. DUUTON® cotton forms a natural and comfortable protection for dependable outdoor use.

Available in 200g, 240g and 270g weights, DUUTON® cottons are designed to be breathable, durable, comfortable and weatherproof.

Duuton cotton textiles logos

Both classic DUUTON® cotton and Duuton®3  cotton fabrics also feature a special hydrophobic Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment which repels water and creates a finish for water to 'bead off' the fabric surface.

DUUTON® performance fabrics have excellent tear strength, color fastness, breathability and dimensional stability (for reliability after use and washing).

Being 100% premium cotton, DUUTON® textiles are rustle-free and comfortable (and comfortable next to the skin) with improved drapeability and luxury. Without the requirement for ongoing maintenance or the need for oils or waxes DUUTON® fabrics remain fully breathable.

All expertly spun, twisted, woven and dyed in Western Europe.

DUUTON® Cotton Fabrics

True premium cotton • Durable and strong weave • Advanced production techniques • Durable Water Repellent finish.

Coton Duuton®

Vrai coton premium • Durable et solide • les techniques de production avancées • Finition hydrofuge.

Duuton® Baumwolle

Echte Premium- Baumwolle • Haltbar und stark weben • Erweiterte Produktionstechniken • Wasser abweisende Oberfläche.

Tessuti di cotone Duuton®

Cotone premium • Durevole e forte • Tecniche di produzione avanzate • Trattamento idrorepellente.

Duuton3 Weatherproof Cotton

Duuton®3  weatherproof cotton

Duuton3  is a special high density 100% cotton textile, designed for durability and comfort, and protection from the wind, rain, snow and sun. Representing our current generation of the finest cotton textile designed specifically for hard outdoor use and extreme pursuits, Duuton3  continues to provide adventurers with ‘Naturally Comfortable Weatherproof Protection’.

Made from the finest cotton - available from only around 2% of the world's cotton crop - the extra-long staple (ELS) cotton fibres are carefully spun to form extra strong and durable yarns. A special high density weave then creates a modern technical performance fabric which is reassuringly tough, while remaining fully breathable, silent and comfortable.

The quality and lustre of the fine and smooth weave of a superior ELS cotton fabric can be seen and felt; the superior appearance and feel represents a true premium textile. The longer the fibres, the finer the yarn, which in turn creates smoother and stronger fabric. The DUUTON® label on any garment is a recognizable sign of quality.


Naturally Comfortable Weatherproof Protection

Made from 100% cotton, Duuton3  offers a special combination of comfort and protection.

Duuton 3 woven tab

Advanced production

Special extra-long staple (ELS) cotton fibres are spun using a low twist specification to provide consistently even and exceptionally uniform yarns with individual fibres running neatly in order. This streamlined yarn is essential to achieve such unique weatherproof and durable results and is only made possible by using high grade ELS cotton. These are then doubled up - using an extra low twist action - to further increase the yarn's strength.

Weaving the yarn and creating this incredibly dense textile is a particularly skilled and labour intensive process - taking many hours - and begins with the threading of at least 15,000 individual strands of yarn onto a loom. Strict quality control ensures a constant number of picks (weft) are woven into the fabric while experts also inspect the fabric across high intensity light machines to eliminate any faults or blemishes. Only 100% 'A'-grade cotton fabric is then passed through a special continuous dyeing process to ensure the optimum rate of color penetration.

Long life

Tough and durable without the need for synthetic mixtures, due to its no compromise construction. With an amazing 30 weft threads and over 80 warp threads per centimetre, the fabric achieves a minimum tear strength of 800 (g) and 1400 (g), respectively. A minimum ISO 5084 breaking strength (at N/5cm) of 650 (weft) and 1100 (warp) provides further reliability and tensile integrity.*

All weather performance

Wet Duuton Cotton

In wet weather the softly spun yarns - within the tight weave - dynamically expand to form an effective barrier against the elements. A hydrostatic head measurement (ISO 0811) of at least 750mm (of continuous and solid water pressure before showing signs of the fabric being breached) provides superb protection and is particularly important around pressure areas such as under rucksack straps.

A low air permeability measurement of only 0.4 (cm3/cm2/sec, 0.98 mbar) also keeps strong winds at bay and protects against wind-chill.*

Duuton3  is treated with a unique Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to assist with repelling moisture and improving drying times; while also being oil repellent (AATCC 118-1966T: 5-6).

100% cotton

The natural fibres of Duuton3  provide the familiar comfort of cotton and the fabric is exceptionally breathable. Measured using the 'skin model' test (ISO 11092) an outstanding Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) score of 6 (Ret: m2x Pa/w) confirms excellent water vapour permeability.*

Soft next to the skin and rustle-free, it's also easy to repair and won't suddenly fail due to contamination, for example. The fabric provides good resistance against burning and heat; avoiding the often instant and dramatic consequences of synthetic materials which accidently stray too close to a camp fire or hot oil lamp. The textile is tough and has excellent dimensional stability (ISO 6330 [washed at 60 degs]) of at least 3.5. The fabric requires no waxing or maintenance and has no special care requirements and - unlike synthetics - it's weatherproof performance doesn't deteriorate with age. In fact, Duuton3  usually improves with age; improving its drape and feel.

True versatility

Duuton3  is comfortable across an unusually wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions. It also provides unmatched comfort in wet, but humid, conditions. Its tight weave protects against the sun while its natural materials also perform in freezing temperatures. Warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

Man in rain wearing ELS cotton

*All provided measurements using mid-weight 200g m2 version. For best garment results we recommend core-spun (cotton sheath) threads, ball point tip fine needles, locking seams and considered design.

DUUTON® outerwear cotton

A full range of swing-tickets, woven textile badging and POS support merchandise is available.

Use DUUTON® in your next range of clothing

Our Classic DUUTON® plain weave range of weather tough outerwear cotton fabrics use long staple yarns with high thread counts to produce a luxury drape with excellent color fastness, dimensional stability and are treated with our special DWR finish. 17× stock colors; 200g and 240g. Our specialized outdoor pursuits high-density extra long staple yarn Duuton3  fabric is available in 17× standard stock colors in 200g and 240g; and 8× standard stock colors in 270g.

"[Duuton3  is] a fantastically reliable, versatile and tough textile, it consistently delivers perfect all-round, everyday, yearlong outdoor performance and is our established first choice for trekking and travel garments."